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Nobody reads this...

2008-12-31 23:14:45 by general405

But anyway, I deleted all my songs and started over. (they all had ratings below 3, so you're not missing anything)

pc fixed

2008-11-25 14:16:29 by general405

I fixed it.

My pc crashed

2008-10-28 23:37:15 by general405

My computer that I do all my music stuff on CRASHED and won't except any xp codes I give it. Probably no music for a while.

Weird Graphics

2008-01-14 23:31:05 by general405

Last Thursday, some friends came here to visit their grandparents. My house is near their grandparents, so they came over here also. When they came, I was playing Age of Empires III: The Warcheifs Expansion, and the graphics were weird and we couldn't fix it. We asked one of the friends to look at it. He carefully analyzed and weighed all the information we gave him, and closely looked at the game.

"Your graphics suck," he said.

This was very true, especially because it had huge house-sized squares floating over the map when it was just supposed to be a light snow. He looked at the graphics options.

"I have an idea," he said.

He turned the graphics way down. This resulted in the game looking and playing much better.
This seems strange and weird to me. Any comments?

Blender 3D

2007-12-27 00:12:41 by general405

Has anyone here ever heard of Blender? It's an open-source 3d software that you can download at It's pretty complicated, but


...sorry. My little brother was hurling knives at me.

Anyway, once you get the hang of it, it's fun to use and you can make great 3d models. I've used it for about 2 years now, but could still use some tips. If you use it and know some useful stuff, please comment. Otherwise, if you're interested in 3d modeling, I recommend that you go there and download it. If you search around the website a little, you can find a wikipedia documentation on it.

Don't forget to bother my older brother, OneEyedSamurai

Hey Everybody!!
My older brother (now OneEyeSamurai) just got a newgrounds account!
Prepare for him to attack me!

My Older Brother (2)

2007-12-22 23:45:15 by general405

I have aquired more information on my older brother's possible account:
If he makes an account, his username will be YOU CANT SEE THIS
There could be a possible joint account: YOU CANT SEE THIS
This possible joint account would have a weekly dispute between me and him posted on it.

If he makes this new account, I will inform all of you immediatly.

Sorry if I'm being a bit unclear now, but he's concerned that someone would take it.

My Older Brother

2007-12-22 21:17:06 by general405

The older brother I have reffered to in recent posts might get a Newgrounds account soon. He has convinced himself that I am a pesimist, a smart-alec, a dumbass, a "hippie-hippocrate" as he would say, and many other various things. If he gets an account, he will immediatly express all his incorrect opinions about me, so feel free to blow him off or give him rude comments, because he is wrong and I am right. This may sound like I am declaring myself free of all faults, but I'm not. I still can't write very good music, and I can't acually play the piano in real time for crap, but I can still be right about stuff.

On a different note, if you've ever read any books by Dave Barry, you know that he is very funny. If you haven't, go rent any of his books from the nearest library, he is extremely funny!

Note: If any of you readers have seen a user named The Yokai, Yokai, The Yohai, Yohai or something similar, please give me a link to his account. Thanks!

Reason 4

2007-12-21 11:21:29 by general405

Hello again!
Do any of you use Reason 4? It's the music making software I use, and I was wonding if anybody would want to do a collaboration with it. Please comment.

New Feature

2007-12-20 22:11:19 by general405

Well, since I just finally got around to using some of the new newgrounds features, here is my FIRST POST.
I like the new slogan a lot better than the old one, does everybody agree?
Compare: "The problems of the future, today!" to "Everything, by Everyone"
Which one do you think sounds better? Please comment and tell me your thoughts.

I have recently posted G405-Betrayal ( n/112618), a song in which I try to sound like Hans Zimmer, my favorite composer. Do I sound like him???

I'm out of time for now, but as a last comment, my older brother forgot how many seconds there are in a minute today!! ;)