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My Older Brother

2007-12-22 21:17:06 by general405

The older brother I have reffered to in recent posts might get a Newgrounds account soon. He has convinced himself that I am a pesimist, a smart-alec, a dumbass, a "hippie-hippocrate" as he would say, and many other various things. If he gets an account, he will immediatly express all his incorrect opinions about me, so feel free to blow him off or give him rude comments, because he is wrong and I am right. This may sound like I am declaring myself free of all faults, but I'm not. I still can't write very good music, and I can't acually play the piano in real time for crap, but I can still be right about stuff.

On a different note, if you've ever read any books by Dave Barry, you know that he is very funny. If you haven't, go rent any of his books from the nearest library, he is extremely funny!

Note: If any of you readers have seen a user named The Yokai, Yokai, The Yohai, Yohai or something similar, please give me a link to his account. Thanks!


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