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Weird Graphics

2008-01-14 23:31:05 by general405

Last Thursday, some friends came here to visit their grandparents. My house is near their grandparents, so they came over here also. When they came, I was playing Age of Empires III: The Warcheifs Expansion, and the graphics were weird and we couldn't fix it. We asked one of the friends to look at it. He carefully analyzed and weighed all the information we gave him, and closely looked at the game.

"Your graphics suck," he said.

This was very true, especially because it had huge house-sized squares floating over the map when it was just supposed to be a light snow. He looked at the graphics options.

"I have an idea," he said.

He turned the graphics way down. This resulted in the game looking and playing much better.
This seems strange and weird to me. Any comments?


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2008-01-14 23:35:14

he did a barrell roll


2008-01-15 01:57:11

No comments